Regardless of where you live, in town or in the country, you can count on the most advanced selection of products and services from Farmers & Merchants Telephone Company.  Since 1938, we have provided residents of Wayland and surrounding areas telecommunication services for home and business. You can be assured that we will keep you up to date with the latest services in telecommunications services.


Farmers & Merchants offers a reliable residential phone line at a competitive price.  Please contact the office for more details and pricing.

Business Class Services

We are capable of delivering most business class services including T1’s & PRI’s and other services to any of our fiber optic customers.  Please contact us for any other services available that your business may require.  Pricing on these services are available on request.

Calling Features

Standard features that are included with your phone service are Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling & Short Speed Dial (Speed 8).  Additional features are available including Caller ID, Caller number, Calling Name & Number, Distinctive Ring (Teen Call).  As well as many other calling features.


FarmtelVM is a voice mail system that you can access from anywhere, whether it be from your subscribed phones at your location, your cell phone, or even your email. (If you are subscribed to FarmtelVMPlus.)  This option eliminates the need to have an answering machine at your premise.  It also provides the ability to get your messages remotely while on vacation.  A physical phone is not required on your premise to use the FarmtelVM service as it can act as a virtual remote answering machine for that local number.  Contact the office for more information and costs with the FarmtelVM voice mail system.

Long Distance

With our Long Distance plans, you can be assured you are receiving the best price per minute, day or night for calling friends and family out of the immediate area.