Who is Farmers & Merchants Mutual Telephone?  We are an Iowa-based, independent telephone company that has been in business 75+ years locally in Wayland, Iowa. In 2006, we overhauled our out-dated telephone plant with FTTH within our local exchange and surrounding areas to provide state-of-the-art services to our current customers. Since undergoing that project, we have slowly begun extending our service areas to include customers frustrated with poor service, low bandwidths, and limited support they have previously received from other service providers. When you call our office in Wayland, we know where you’re calling from and can collect the information necessary to get your problem resolved quickly.

Fiber Optic –  The entire Wayland exchange (256-xxxx telephone number) has fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) capabilities.  With this they have the ability to have telephone, internet and SkitterTV delivered to them via our fiber optic network.  The fiber optic internet services are fast, secure and uptime is exceptional.  With various speeds available this is the absolute best delivery of internet services available.  To receive our fiber internet services the customer is required to have a land-line phone.  To learn more about fiber optic services check out our detailed fiber optic internet link.

High Speed Fiber Internet Prices – Improvements in technology have allowed us to offer more than one High Speed solution to our Internet Services. With no need for second phone lines or dial up, we offer the following services:

  • Fiber to the Home DSL  – With unlimited access to email and the Internet, our DSL packages start out at 10 Mbps.


Who is Farmtel Communications?  We  have two specific methods in which we can provide internet services to our customers.  The first method is through our fiber-optic services explained above, the second is primarily for customers out of our local telephone exchange.  For these customers we are not their local phone company we operate also as Farmtel Communications to provide high-speed wireless broadband internet services to many of these customers.

Wireless Broadband –  We have several locations used to expand our reach in providing high-speed wireless broadband service to areas that do not have fiber optic services available, cost or customer service is not at an acceptable level or the end-user simple would like internet services without the need for a home phone.  The basic principle of wireless broadband requires additional equipment to be placed at your home or business with a reflector dish or similar equipment pointed towards one of our many locations of service.  This equipment primarily uses line-of-sight back to our tower location so mounting of the equipment on a current television tower or rooftop is required for this service to work properly.  This service gains its popularity because it requires no other phone service lines to operate and can have similar speeds to acquired fiber services without the fiber.  There are however restrictions with service through a wireless broadband connection but they do allow for network access from locations that otherwise may not have service.  For more information about the wireless broadband service we encourage you to speak to a Farmtel representative or visit the link below to get more information.

High Speed Wireless Broadband Internet Prices – Improvements in technology have allowed us to offer more than one High Speed solution to our Internet Services. With no need for phone line.

  • Wireless Internet is now providing Line-of-Site wireless Internet to customers in Southeast Iowa and surrounding areas, please use the contact form or call the office for your specific address.  We have more areas coming soon.  Click on the icon below to get more information about our wireless service.