Fiber Optic Splicing

Farmers & Merchants Mutual Telephone has been a leader in the fiber optic community since 2006.  As an early adopter of the fiber-to-the-home we have set ourselves apart from the rest of the communications network and bring our services to our customers at the speed of light.

We have set ourselves in the forefront of the industry for troubleshooting, maintenance and repairs of the fiber optic networks.  Farmers & Merchants Mutual Telephone Company has worked with several other telephone companies, contractors and engineering firms to help bring other telephone companies fiber-to-the-home projects to life and get their networks up and running.

We have done splicing, troubleshooting and repairs for Fortune 500 companies, city, state and local government agencies.  We have also worked with several utility companies and independent contractors to maintain single-mode and multi-mode fiber networks.  Our test equipment and splicer all in a mobile unit gives us the ability to rapidly and efficiently deploy to your location.

We will be glad to help you with a single fiber issue or splice your entire network.

Our pricing is included below based on smaller quantities and maintenance issues, fiber-to-the-home and full network pricing available upon request.

Mobilization - $200.00/ location

Cable Preparation (Raw cable and Case entry) - $200.00

Fusion Splicing - $30.00/ splice

Troubleshooting and testing - $60.00/ hour

If you have any questions or would like to request pricing for an upcoming fiber-optic project please contact us.

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