Vipre Home Antivirus Solution

We recommend that you protect yourself with an antivirus solution.  Our recommendation is Vipre Antivirus helping to make your internet experience better.  It is the award winning antivirus solution we are proud to be a reseller of and it comes highly recommended.  Of course you can use any antivirus solution that you prefer, however with so many options available this is the only antivirus product we currently support.

Farmtel Communications is there to help you download it, install it and configure it.  When it comes time to register your product you can contact us and we will provide you with a key, when it is time for renewal we can do that without changing anything on your end and it will be charged on your next month’s regular bill.

Why Choose Vipre as an antivirus solution?

It is an affordable option whether you have a single computer or multiple computers which covers up to 10 pcs and can also be purchased for multiple years for an additional savings.

Click the image below to download your free-trial of the software.