Wireless Area Promotional

You have reached Farmtel Communications or Farmers & Merchants Mutual Telephone Company. 

We have been in business since 1938 and operating wireless internet for over 20 years in south east Iowa.  We have recently deployed new equipment into your area.



No Contract required. 

Unlimited usage. 

No Phone line required.

This is a not a satellite service.

Designed for streaming video services.

Select Areas.

Limited availability.

If you are visiting this page... you are eligible for our high-speed Wireless internet service. Call us today to schedule a free line-of-sight check and setup and installation.  800-822-2736

It operates with radio frequencies and a dish or small module will be installed at your location looking back to our access point, similar to the pictures below.

Contracts are available to reduce your monthly bill if you choose to go with one of the plans listed below.

Packages are priced starting at $65/month with speeds up to 25Mx5M service with $100 Installation charge.

Upgrade Packages are priced at $95/month with speeds up to 50Mx5M service with $100 Installation charge.

It is unlimited data usage so your bill doesn't change based on how much you use it.  Your bill will be the same amount each month.  

Your equipment will not change with a package change. 

If you want to connect multiple devices wired or wirelessly a router is necessary.  You can use your own or we will provide a managed router for an additional $6/month.

No equipment is necessary to purchase. 

We own and maintain the equipment. 

If it fails from normal operation we will replace it at no charge. 

If you disconnect we come pick up the equipment.  

To start taking advantage of this special offering, simply call our office to speak with a Farmtel customer service representative and schedule line-of-site and setup an installation date.

(800) 822-2736

The day of your installation an adult will need to be present to approve the installation of the wireless equipment and the routing of the ethernet wire into your residence.  Following the installation, they will collect the installation fee of $100 plus 1 month of service as a deposit.

Your deposit is applied towards your account after you have had services with us for a full year and remained in good standing with your account.

Call today as this is limited availability and based on first-come first-serve premise, so reserve your spot for an installation date soon!

(800) 822-2736