Here are a few words from some of our customers sharing their experiences with Farmtel Communications.

THANK YOU F&M for the new TV.    Still in shock for winning,  but will thoroughly enjoy the new TV.  It does pay to take surveys!!     Thank You too -  all F&M staff - for excellent SERVICE!!    Customer service today is so often lacking; but not at F&M ...... THEIR SERVICE IS ALIVE AND WELL.

Judith Hueholt - SkitterTV customer,

We have been customers of Farmers & Merchants mutual Telephone Co. for more than 10 years.  We recommend them to everyone we know and will continue to do so.  We started with a dial up internet service, and then switched to a high speed service in 2006. We have a small business and they have helped us many times over the years update our service to meet our changing needs.  We always find them to be knowledgeable and helpful.  Going far above the normal “decent customer service”.  They always are pleasant to work with, even when they have to repair something outside in nasty weather.  Several years ago we had a problem with our equipment getting struck by lightning over and over.  They continued to work with us to get the right equipment to avoid lightning strikes and even went far beyond what would be considered normal service to help us figure out why this was happening and to get it stopped. It  turned out to be an issue with our household electrical service being grounded in a way that was not meeting current standards and actually required the installation of a new ground wire by our utility company – which had nothing to do with our internet service or their equipment, yet they helped us until the problem was solved.  They are always knowledgeable & friendly.  We find our internet service to consistent and dependable.  If there is a problem they are always quick to get things working again.  We  have been very satisfied with our service, both the hardware, the speed and the folks that help us out when we call.  All around working with “Farmtel” has been a great experience for us.  They offer a high speed internet service reaching our rural home, great service at a reasonable price.  What more can you ask for?

LuAnn Fischer - Wireless Broadband Customer,

Farmers & Merchants Mutual Telephone were wonderful to work with when choosing a new phone system.  Sterling and the staff at Farmers & Merchants really listened to our needs, and provided all of the essential information on the phone systems and service they provide.  They really helped us select the best phone system to fit what we wanted and provided excellent customer service and transitioned us to the new phone system seamlessly.

Erin Heaton -Business Phone System Customer, Henry County Extension Office