Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

These are the most commonly ask questions about our SkitterTV, telephone options, internet questions and other information to help answer questions prior to ordering service or for detailed information on how to troubleshoot your problem.  As new questions arise we will do our best to answer them in this section to eliminate costly service calls and try providing you a quick and easy support on common issues.

Do you offer voicemail?

Yes we offer voicemail with voicemail to email option if you have a home phone but do not want the hassle of purchasing an answering machine. With this service you can also check your voicemail remotely similar to cellular phone voicemail.

Why am I being billed for my Farmtel email address?

We mailed out a letter to customers in June 2016, stating we were no longer offering free Farmtel email addresses. We cannot compete with the offerings of the free email services like gmail, hotmail, yahoo, ect.

Our method of email hosting is currently designed for a single user getting email on a single device, however with most customers having multiple devices they are wanting to get email on it is a very laborious & tedious task of setting up all of these devices so that they work well with other devices retrieving email at the same time.

Most of our customers over the years have taken the free email address we offered but do not necessarily use it, we however still have to maintain the equipment and manage that email address and all of the threats from those unused or hacked email accounts.

We also have many email accounts being used by customers that no longer have any other active services but that free email account. We felt it necessary to start billing customers and encouraging them to use other free email services available.

If you would like to keep your Farmtel email address we will continue doing so for a fee, as filtering the spam, maintaining the storage, technical support issues and connecting all of your devices properly does require technicians and without additional revenue it does not make sense for us to continue in the email business when competing with services that offer the same technology for free.

What is SkitterTV?

SkitterTV is a Multiple System Operator that provides cable TV service across the country available through Farmers & Merchants Mutual Telephone Company.

Skitter Cable TV has replaced our cable system as a video source delivered through our fiber-optic network. We are currently offering Skitter Cable TV to our current and new customers connected to our FTTH network. If you are interested in SkitterTV as a video option please stop by the office to preview package choices and sign-up for installation at your location.

Am I required to have a phone line to get fiber internet?

No. However, if your residence is in our telephone exchange and we are your primary telephone provider, you do qualify for a discount when taking other services if you still would like a landline phone service.


Can I make an online payment?

Yes. We have added the ability to make an online payment to your account. You may need to contact the office for the initial registration of your account to make sure you have the appropriate account number and secret code. Please note payments online are posted to your account the next business day.

Does wireless broadband internet require me to keep a phone line?

No. It does not require you to have a land-line or even a cellular phone. We would only need to have a way to contact you for service related issues.

I am in a rental. Do I need permission to get your wireless broadband internet at my location?

Yes. We must install a dish and subscriber module which is usually mounted on the building or residence. If you are renting and do not own your home, you must have permission from your landlord for us to mount equipment at your premise. A waiver form must be signed by the owner for our wireless internet to be installed. In some cases permanent mounting on the building may not be require and if this is the case you would not need a waiver.

When do I get my wireless broadband deposit back?

Your deposit is applied to your account as credit if you have paid on-time for the first 12 months of service and your account has remained in good standing.

Can I still get your wireless broadband service if I don't have line-of-sight (LOS)?

We do have certain locations that use different frequencies that do not require you to have a line-of-sight (LOS). However, bandwidth is limited and not all packages are available.

What internet speed do I need?

That is all dependent on how many devices you are connecting and what your planning on using it for. Many variables need to be considered when selecting a speed to suit your needs. For light email usage and limited internet browsing our basic speed will probably suit your needs. If you plan on doing streaming video, video conferencing, or online gaming your speeds will need to be increased to accommodate your needs.

How do I know if I can get your high-speed wireless broadband internet service?

It is based on Line-Of-Sight (LOS). If you currently reside at a location that would have LOS to one of our tower locations, then you would be eligible to get our service.