Who we are

Farmtel Communications your source for everything communications.

We work hard to keep your services up and operational 24/7 all year long, keeping your costs down and keeping up with the changing world and continuing to provide you the best product and experience as a customer at the highest level of excellence.


We are a Complete Communications Company

Many companies are cheaper,  many have more services, some even provide great support from a land far, far away.  We however, believe in providing you a great experience at an affordable price in a way that many companies of much larger size strive to achieve but never quite do.  We don't simply turn on your services, we work with you to help provide you the best quality of service moving forward.  We value you as a customer.

We strive to help make your experience better as a customer.  We are only human, but believe me we want nothing more than your experience with us to be excellent.

Farmtel Benefits

Local Service

Farmers & Merchants is a local southeast Iowa company with the ability to provide you state-of-the-art technology with a fiber-to-the-home network while still being local to provide you quick and easy support options.

Reasonable Rates

Farmers & Merchants tries to keep your rates affordable.  We provide services equal to or greater than many metropolitan areas while allowing you the comfort of living in a rural neighborhood.  Your bill is a direct reflection of our operating costs and what is required to provide services to your neighborhood.

Customer Service

In an effort to provide you the best customer service when you connect to our network, our technicians are there to go the extra mile to help you get connected.  Whether it is connecting a new television to our cable system or connecting a new computer to your home network we don't just connect our equipment and leave you stranded and confused as to your next step, we go beyond that helping you get things connected correctly and quickly.

Farmtel Mission Statement

"Farmtel Communications:  Bringing the world to our customers through innovative telecommunications solutions and excellent service."

Our vision is to be the best communications connection in southeast Iowa.

Farmtel Options