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    Complete communication services

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Voice Communications helping you stay connected.
A reliable and affordable quality voice connection to conduct your business and keeping you in touch with those people that matter the most.



Data networking connecting your network with the rest of the world.
Availability both over the fiber-optics in our local network or wirelessly in our extended network.  Enabling you to keep connected for work and home. 



Delivery of services with the latest and greatest technology.
The most reliable technology available at your doorstep.  With our fiber optic network services to each business and residence in our exchange. 


Skitter TV

Video entertainment choices for the entire family.
A variety of channels at an affordable price.  You get the latest in entertainment options in high-definition with digital video recording options.


"Farmtel Communications - Your Total Communications Provider!"

"Welcome to Farmers and Merchants Mutual Telephone Company.  Established in 1938 in Wayland, Iowa.  Over the past few years we have expanded our services throughout southeast Iowa doing business as Farmtel Communications.  We offer a wide variety of services besides telephone, internet and cable television we also offer products and services associated with this technology.  Our entire operational plant is comprised of state-of-the-art fiber-optics services.  We look forward to serving your every communication need and becoming one of the many satisfied Farmtel customers."



More information regarding featured news.

The following is a location where we post information regarding newly launched service areas and information regarding our current company.  This location is for new information we want to easily communicate to our customers.




    More information regarding specific services.

    The following is a list of the most common services we offer with more information on each page to help answer questions and better inform you as a customer.  Please feel free to contact us for follow-up questions on any of the products we sell or services we offer.



    Shortly about us

    Farmers & Merchants Mutual Telephone has been doing business since 1938 serving the local telephone exchange of Wayland, Iowa.  However since  we offer much more than just telephone in many more locations than just Wayland,  we have now expanded doing business as Farmtel Communications.

    We are a supplier of more than just local telephone, Skitter TV and internet services and offer many other services to help you get connected and keep you connected with our many products and services offered through Farmtel Communications.

    Whether your a consumer needing some local utility services, a small business trying to connect to the world or a large company trying to keep in contact with all your customers, vendors and remote locations we have solutions available to help you do exactly that.

    Please check out our different pages for the most commonly requested products and services but feel free to contact us to ask if you don't see specifically what you are needing help with.  We are able to be contacted with many different methods, so choose the one that works best for you.